Bicho Músico

“Bicho Músico” (“Music Beast”) is my new album, released on February 15th, 2018. It features 12 songs, half of them instrumentals, half of them featuring my singing. The concept was to present myself in a more broad spectrum, encompassing both my love and dedication to jazz and instrumental music, and my interest on pop/rock music as well. The resulting “persona” is that of a multi-faceted musician, a musical chimera of sorts, a jazz head on a pop body… It’s available on CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music – pretty much everywhere!

Some interesting facts about this album:

  • It was entirely done in my own home studio, 8VB (with the exception of a couple of guitar parts and Canadian singer Joani Taylor’s vocal track), using only 4 Audio Technica mics, an Apollo firewire UAD audio interface and my Apple iMac running the latest version of Logic Pro.
  • No digital correction was applied to any of the tracks. What you hear is what was played/sang, no gimmicks or devilish misleading trickery applied! Disclaimer: on “Jazz Atmosférico” I did combine parts of two different takes to achieve a final comp that featured the best solos of each guy on the track!
  • Instrumental tracks were recorded “live in the studio”, with no overdubs. We stuck to the performance aspect and the overall musicality of each piece, doing an average of 3 takes per song and choosing the best one.
  • The proper songs where recorded in layers: I started with a basic “sketch” of piano, drum loop, bass part and a guide vocal, and then proceeded to substitute those sketch parts with the real guys I wanted on each track. I played all basses and pianos and sang all vocal parts (except for Joani Taylor’s, of course!), but had the luxurious aid of drummers Marcelinho da Costa and Cássio Cunha; guitarists Billy Brandão, Humberto Mirabelli, Bernardo Bosisio and Chester Harlan, saxophonists AC and Henrique Band, trumpeter Aquiles Moraes and trombonist Everson Moraes.
  • I produced the album, wrote the arrangements and mixed the tracks. Audio engineer Rodrigo Lopes did the mastering.
  • There are “stellar budget records”, “medium-budget endeavors” and “low-budget adventures”… and then there are “no-budget DIY enterprises”. That’s what this album is. I hope the musical sincerity appeals to you!

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